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Clean & Shine
Chair of the Board

Bevan Holcomb

Clean & Shine
Sustainability Committee

Hania Cairns

Clean & Shine
Employee-elected member

Lacey-Mae Clegg

Clean & Shine
Ethics Committee

Stig Lægreid

Clean & Shine
Executive Committee

Mikaeel Robins

Clean & Shine
Sustainability Committee

Grover Arias

Clean and Shine strives to offer a friendly and professional service that is convenient and affordable. After 3 years of building my business in Las Vegas, I am very excited to be able to provide my service to various repeating customers.


Clean and Shine Detail Car Wash
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Lunes.           08:00–16:30
Martes.          08:00–16:30
Miércoles      08:00–16:30
Jueves           08:00–16:30
Viernes.         08:00–16:30
Sábado.         08:00–16:30
Domingo       Cerrado